We are grateful for the blessings of the sea and deliver safer, more secure, high value-added products.

The sea is said to be another universe.
The rich blessings of this mysterious and profound world have been loved by the Japanese people since ancient times as a decorative element on their dining tables.
Since its establishment in Ise City, Mie Prefecture in 1969, A-ONE Inc. has been a trading company specializing in frozen seafood for nearly half a century.
As a member of the marine products industry, which is deeply involved in the workings of the natural world, our corporate stance of never forgetting to be grateful for the blessings of the sea and constantly pouring out our curiosity and spirit of inquiry is an eternal,
unchanging spirit that we must pass on to future generations.
Based on this spirit, A-ONE procures a wide variety of marine products from Japan and overseas through our own network and developing production areas, and manages them in an integrated manner from raw materials to finished products to deliver high value-added processed marine products that meet the needs of our customers in every aspect, including quality, price, and safety.
Food culture is so closely related to people's lifestyles that there are values that change with the times and values that remain unchanged regardless of the times.
Keeping both in mind, we hope to be of great help to many people involved in the food industry.


for SDGs

A-ONE Inc. is committed to the SDGs. (Targets are
A-One Enterprises is a Mozambican marine product processing company that exports mainly clams and octopus to Japan.
While protecting the rich natural resources of Mozambique's fisheries and continuing to provide stable local employment,
we have adopted a system that allows us to consume fresh and tasty bounties of the sea at a reasonable price while in Japan.
We are happy to say that more and more companies are agreeing with our vision, and we feel that the circle of SDGs that we are involved in on a global scale is expanding.



With thorough production control and quality control, you can enjoy the freshness with confidence.






Company Name A-ONE Corporation
Founded in May 1969
Established in February 1974
Capital 10.5 million yen
Business Description Import and sales of frozen seafood, wholesale of frozen seafood, wholesale of processed frozen seafood
Main customers: Benirei Corporation, Kyokuyo CO.,LTD., Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd., Chubu Suisan Co., Ltd., Daito Gyorui Co.,
Ltd., Shinko Gyorui Ltd., AEONBIG Inc., other food service industries, etc.
Relevant Organizations Mie University, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Mie
Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Export Promotion Council, Ise Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Trading Partners: Kingdom of Thailand, Mozambique, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, etc.


Head office

- Located

61 Kogi-cho, Ise-shi, Mie 516-0007, Japan

- Contact

TEL(+81)596-65-6132 / FAX(+81)596-65-6133

Branch office

- Located

5-22-2, Makiminato, Urasoe City, Okinawa 901-2131 Japan, within Urasoe Ginowan Fishery Cooperative Association

- Contact

TEL(+81)98-943-9744 / FAX(+81)98-943-9754

Freezing Warehouse

- Located

61 Kogi-cho, Ise-shi, Mie 516-0007, Japan

- Contact

TEL(+81)596-65-6132 / FAX(+81)596-65-6133

Mozambique Subsidiary

- Name

A-One Enterprises,Lda.

- Located

Matola City, Mozambique (Plant No.1)
Nacala City (Plant No.2)


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